Vox Veniae Podcast

Yes, You

June 15, 2022

On Pentecost Sunday, Kimberly Culbertson invites us to lean in and listen for Spirit’s divine ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ over our lives.  [Acts 2:1-11].



  • Invite the Holy Spirit into moments of disorientation, and in doing so, receive peace that only God can offer
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help us see clearly
  • Ask the Spirit how you are discounting yourself, and step out in faith



  1. In moments of disorientation, can you turn toward the Spirit and receive peace?
  2. Where might God be looking to help us see and hear one another more clearly?
  3. How might God be releasing you from frantically ranking your significance, and instead invite you to trust that you are enough?


  1. Poem: Keep Yourself at the  Beginning of the Beginning by Hannah Emerson

  2.  Book: The Brain and The Spirit: Unlocking the Transformative Potential of the Story of the Christ by Gena St. David
    • https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-brain-and-the-spirit-gena-st-david/1140496719

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