Vox Veniae Podcast

Rough Ways

December 14, 2018

As we continue the Advent season, Jason Minnix reflects on the invitation to interior preparation to get ready for eventual peace and a return to who we really are [Luke 3:1-6].


  • What would it look like to let go of who I think I am (unworthy, selfish, controlling, etc.) and reconnect with my deep self? (loved, compassionate, curious)
  • How can I relax into the flow of God loving me today?

Spiritual Practice

  1. Welcoming Practice.
    1. Breath deeply
    2. Notice emotions, thoughts, body sensations & sink in.
    3. Welcome anything you notice.
    4. Let Go of having to manage any of it on your own.

    5. Become aware that everything is being held and accepted.
  2. Listen within the spaces you feel lost and empty.
    1. What is my wilderness now?  (It may be a change, good or bad, that you haven’t processed yet: someone you miss, or something you miss, maybe your body has changed. Name and acknowledge what’s hollow.)
    2. Take a minute to feel what’s there.
    3. And in this space of grief, listen, see what else is there.
  3. Receive transformation through curiosity and compassion.
    1. What emotions arise as I consider this season?

    2. Practice validating and having compassion for the presence of those emotions and thoughts.