Vox Veniae Podcast

Breaking Awe

March 15, 2022

During this season of Lent, Christopher Mack invites us to reflect on and consider awe and wonder as our guide towards the divine [Genesis 15:1-6].


  • Where in your life have you experienced awe?
  • Would you like to see awe open up some part of your life to more hope?
  • How might you look to awe to guide and energize your journey?


  • Take a short walk. Even a few minutes to get out of the office or to walk through your own backyard can be a refreshing change. Read Luke 24:13-16. What things keep you from recognizing Jesus in your life?
  • Go for a nature walk in a nearby park. Read Psalm 24 before you head out the door. What difference does it make to think of the whole earth and everything in it as the Lord’s?
  • Take 5 minutes just as you are waking to set your intention for the day. You might say: “Today, I will be awake to the world.” Use all your senses. Take a moment to breathe. What aspects of nature do you notice that you might not otherwise? What is attracting you? Where is Spirit present?


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